How to deal with Nagging — Banter Republic

Behind a nagging woman, there is a man not doing what he’s supposed to. My wife’s nagging is like living near the airport. After a while, you don’t notice it anymore. You see, there are only three things women need in life. Food, water, and compliments. Any woman that’s trying to get you to provide […]Continua a leggere “How to deal with Nagging — Banter Republic”

The Economy Isn’t an Engineering Project 

Pointing out that the GDP machine isn’t a real machine, and that its levers, pedals, knobs, and buttons are largely imaginary fancies of arrogant imaginations, market-oriented economists invite the scorn of Engineering economists. Sorgente: The Economy Isn’t an Engineering Project | Foundation for Economic Education

Anonymous Friends · Maptia

By Matjaž Krivic // To me, a face is worth a thousand words. The people I have encountered on my travels over the years have had a profound impact on my life and how I see the world. Through these portraits, it is my hope that you too will be affected, recognising our precious andContinua a leggere “Anonymous Friends · Maptia”