Fatal Factory Fire in Bangladesh is Déjà Vu | Human Rights Watch

The horror of worker deaths is overshadowing Eid celebrations in Bangladesh. Last weekend, a fierce fire ripped through a three-storey packaging factory and eventually caused the building to collapse. The death toll so far at Tampaco Foils Ltd is 33 workers, with dozens more injured. Before it was reduced to ruins, Tampaco counted Nestle in BangladeshContinua a leggere “Fatal Factory Fire in Bangladesh is Déjà Vu | Human Rights Watch”

Ghana’s day of betrayal and shame 

August 4th 2016 must be marked in the annals of Ghana as a Day of Betrayal and Shame when the majority of Ghana’s Parliamentarians on both sides of the House betrayed their collective conscience, that’s, if they have any at all or whatever is left of it, and surreptitiously without any fan-fare, transparency nor publicContinua a leggere “Ghana’s day of betrayal and shame “