‘Trasportiamo Morti Dalla Mattina Alla Sera’ – The New York Times

DIEGO FUSARO: Italia nel baratro. E ora crollano le menzogne che ci hanno detto per anni

How Bulk Interception Works

This piece was authored by PI Legal Officer Scarlet Kim. This week, Privacy International, together with nine other international human rights NGOs, filed submissions with the European Court of Human Rights. Our case challenges the UK government’s bulk interception of internet traffic transiting fiber optic cables landing in the UK and its access to informationContinua a leggere “How Bulk Interception Works”

The corporate lobby tour | Corporate Europe Observatory

Sometimes stories in the news can make you wonder who is really pulling the strings. This 10-minute video exposes the role corporate lobby groups have in EU decision-making – who they are, how they get what they want, and how they affect you, and others like you all over Europe, from the food on yourContinua a leggere “The corporate lobby tour | Corporate Europe Observatory”