Tolerating Intolerance

Bigotry and intolerance may never be entirely removed from our society, but our history has shown that great strides can be made to bring about a greater degree of justice and equality for all

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Lately, conservative republican dominated state legislatures and governors have been in the news scrambling to pass legislation known as a “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”. Designed as a move to counteract recent developments which have seen the legalization of marriage equality and appeal to the sensitivities of evangelical Christian conservatives, such laws are little more than a new way to justify and legalize anti-LGBT bigotry at the state level which has been rapidly disappearing due to the demise of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military and judicial and legislative moves to legalize same-sex marriage in most states.

While claiming publicly that this legislation merely solidifies religious freedom for those who oppose granting equal rights to members of the LGBT community, these laws have the effect of justifying yet another form of bigotry that has no place in a free and open society. They disagree with what they see as an…

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