Warning US Democracy Under Threat ‘Like Never Before,’ Sanders Outlines Plan to Stop Trump’s Authoritarian Takeover | Common Dreams News

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November 3, 2020 will doubtless be a turning point for American democracy. Trump does not intend to do anything for the American people. He intends to be ensconced in the White House with absolute power as America’s President until the day he dies.

We must ensure that Donald Trump does not get what his over-inflated ego demands. He was supported by a minority of Americans in 2016. His actions since inauguration have left him with an underwater approval rating for his entire term. He can only stay in power as he has since his impeachment – with a majority GOP Senate that refuses to make him abide by the Constitution he swore to protect and defend with his oath of office. The coup he seems determined to execute in order to maintain power must not be permitted to emerge victorious. This is 2020 America, not 1933 Germany.

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