Grand Theft Corruption

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President Donald J. Trump appears in many respects to be a man bound and determined to make a personal fortune through conduct while in office that strains all traditional norms regarding conflicts of interest, bribery and emoluments regarding the use of taxpayer dollars to steer tremendous amounts of money – both foreign and domestic – to businesses owned by himself and his family. Apparently, our Commander-in-Chief feels that he must drain the swamp that he sees as dominating American national politics of all corruption at every level of government except his own and his family and confidants. His middle name may be John, but Hypocrite would be a more apt description of his character.

Between his excursions to Mar-a-Lago (and other Trump-owned businesses) for golf and relaxation, which entails taxpayer money to be pumped into Trump properties to accommodate him as well as his large security detail,  and the booking…

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