Netherlands: Dozens arrested for protesting Black Pete festivities – YouTube

Sinterklaas in Maassluis; the battle for a children’s party.
With exclusive pictures of the royal couple and Princess Amalia which swings Christmas. And footage from 2016 where 500 black Sinterklaas helpers to bend to the public on the Leidseplein.

Occupation Protestor Corna Dirks also back in action ..
Abulkasim Al-Jaberi again arrested at rally Kick Out Zwarte Piet says: “Today was a beautiful day. In the face of racism and violence people showed pride, brother and sisterhood. By standing shoulder to shoulder in front of the bats of the police is growing mutual companionship. A larger core is now experiencing what a good impulse for the fight.
I am proud and honored alongside my brothers and sister have been today. . All power to the people ‘

Lawyer Michiel Pestman says Pestman no good to say about the actions of the police. “It is outrageous for the protesters was not at all clear that there was a noodbevel and what that meant, even to me Only hours after the arrests we got the confirmation…”

Thomas Beersum said: “Police are shaking hands with neo -nazi’s. The state, police and fascists – They are one and the same. Let’s stay together when, we get out and continued to organize. It’s time to end blackface, racism and the whole damn system.

Jerry Knol Edge says, “Today I am again on the way to a police cell with chest palpitations, swollen eye, hurt my head with sticks and fists and injuries to my body and hands’ .

police Rotterdam has about 200 activists of the protest group Kick Out Zwarte Piet arrested for violating the ban on demonstrations. The demonstrators were divided into two buses en route to Maassluis. The action group had announced that they would come, but not officially reported to the municipality. The arrest was based on a noodbevel, which was issued Friday for fear of the arrival of protesters to Rotterdam.

ME buses are present in large numbers. On Twitter, you can see how the activists left the buses and are driven together by a large group of agents.
Among those arrested was the Amsterdam councilor Simion Blom (GL). This confirms the Amsterdam party leader of GroenLinks, Rutger Groot Wassink. Besides Somion are mensenrechtenactivsst Jerry Afriyie (Kno’Ledge Cesare) and arrested his lawyer.
Almost all protesters Zwarte Piet already pretty ……

Source De Telegraaf.



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