BP Not to Proceed with Great Australian Bight Exploration.

BREAKING: BP has ditched its outrageous plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. This is huge!

It was the people vs oil, and me : the people just won. Having BP rule out drilling in the Bight is a momentous win that thousands of people like you and dozens of communities made possible. Thank you all for standing up for the Bight!

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When it became clear that BP – the oil giant behind the Deepwater Horizon disaster – was poised to begin drilling in a pristine marine reserve, surrounded by majestic whales and endangered sea lions, we knew Australians wouldn’t stand for it. And we didn’t.

Together, our movement put BP’s reputation in the spotlight, and built the kind of relentless pressure that no major corporation could ignore.

Here’s just a few of the things thousands of Greenpeace supporters like you did to stop this dangerous project in its tracks:

  • Signed the petition demanding BP back off the Bight.
  • Called on NOPSEMA – the federal oil regulator – to reject BP’s plans.
  • Chipped in to put our hard-hitting ad on the Bight in front of thousands of people at more than a hundred screenings of the film Deepwater Horizon across the country, right as moviegoers flocked to the cinema during school holidays.
  • Shared that ad far and wide, making sure that this campaign message was seen another quarter of a million times online.
  • Helped to fund community activist training, and awe-inspiring drone footage of the Bight.

The battle for the Bight isn’t over. There are still other greedy oil giants with leases to explore its pristine waters. But this victory is a clear message to any other companies considering drilling the Bight that they will face fierce opposition.

Our movement now has unstoppable momentum – and we will use it to ensure that our Bight stays pristine, and safe from Big Oil, for good.

Right now though, let’s just take a moment to celebrate this unbelievable news, and show the world how many of us support – and are ready to fight for – a pristine Great Australian Bight:

Share this incredible victory with your friends and family on Facebook, or forward this email.

We know Big Oil won’t stop yet. Driven on by greed and desperation, these companies will continue to try and plunder the Earth’s last untouched oil reserves. But from the Arctic, to the Canadian Tar Sands and now in the Bight, people have begun to turn the tide on Big Oil. The end of the fossil fuel age is coming.

Together we’ll continue to fight for climate justice and a cleaner, brighter future.

For the Bight.

Max, Jess, Nat, Tom, Phil & all the team here at Greenpeace Australia Pacific

PS: These were the words of BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg a few months back: “To run Bight or not run Bight is not a decision for BP. It is a decision for Australia.” Well, Australia gave a resounding ‘No’. Next question?  Share the news now. 


BP has decided not to progress its exploration drilling programme in the Great Australian Bight (GAB), offshore South Australia.

Sorgente: BP Not to Proceed with Great Australian Bight Exploration (Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine)

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