My rights for my life.



Shall I stand and watch my brothers and sisters die
As they fight for their rights

Shall I watch the animal inside
Of our very trusted law enforcers
Gobble us full while they force us
To live in this their world of lies

Shall I wake up and cry
My full lungs,  my oh my
To the government hoping one day
They would listen and probably
Implement a rule of fairness and transparency
And perhaps the so growth of disparity 
In our hearts shall die down
And our face will somehow learn not to frown
And burn the whole town down

The tear in our eyes
Comes not of sadness but the gas in our sight
Blood has covered our faces
A dead body
Take a few paces
And probably you’ll see the flies
Why oh why
Why should we feel this brutality in our life
Is the chaos necessary?

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