Silence: Diary of an EU citizen in the UK (12)

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Bumped in a (British) colleague after work, we walked together to the train station and caught the same train to New Street.  She was suffering post-referendum stress disorder, she said. I nodded. We listed the symptoms and our fears for the uncertain future in front of us. Many of them were shared; some specific to our positions as British citizen and newly othered EU national, respectively.

We crossed to the university campus and reached the train station. We sat on a bench, she spoke increasingly passionately about what pro-EU supporters should do now and the need to find ways to channel the dismay so many are experiencing since last Friday. I replied with my dismay at the disastrous situation in the Labour party and the sense of abandonment and betrayal I felt from a leadership that officially endorsed the ‘remain’ side, but probably celebrated the referendum result on Friday morning.


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