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What started as a COVID quarantine video between friends, quickly evolved into a 30 plus minute sonic mural of epic proportions. As time went on and the video evolved, the unfortunate death of George Floyd struck our world. The people rose up and voiced their support for the black community in America and across the globe. Instantly the message of the video and purpose for fundraising became clear. This video depicts unity, diversity, love, friendship and respect of racial/cultural lines thwarted upon us by society. We ARE one but the world doesn't see it that way. Hopefully seeing the collaboration and love that this video contains will continue to wake people up to the obvious inequality and discrimination instilled in the world.

Storia. 1° MAGGIO "festa dei lavoratori" ricordando i martiri di ieri e di oggi

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Il Primo maggio: storia e significato di una ricorrenza Origini del Primo maggio Tra Ottocento e Novecento Il Ventennio fascista Dal dopoguerra a oggi function PopIt(URLE,Altezza,Larghezza) { window.open(URLE,"",'height=400,width=260,scrollbars=yes,resizable="no"') } Origini del Primo maggio Il 1° maggio nasce il 20 luglio 1889, a Parigi. A lanciare l'idea è il congresso della Seconda Internazionale, riunito in quei … Continua a leggere Storia. 1° MAGGIO "festa dei lavoratori" ricordando i martiri di ieri e di oggi

President Out-of-Control

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Post-Impeachment Donald Trump is Pre-Impeachment Donald Trump on steroids. Being basically released from any Congressional oversight as he was by the sham trial concocted by him in collusion with Mitch McConnell and almost the entire GOP majority in the US Senate (at least for the foreseeable future – save for faint hope that some of the legal obstacles that he has placed between him and real oversight may ultimately be decided against his wishes) has left him room to move against his perceived enemies and concentrate on consolidating his vision of how he has some Constitutional right to do anything he pleases without subjection to any kind of accountability to Congress, the law or even the American People.

The news cycle is actually helping Trump in these endeavors. Such events as the coronavirus outbreak and the inevitable political machinations surrounding the coming election and the selection of his opponents in…

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French Media Unites to Defend Charlie Hebdo and Freedom of Expression Against New Death Threats.

Tendance Coatesy


France Charlie Hebdo Trial: 14 suspected accomplices go on trial in Paris

France 24. 22nd of September.

Five years after the attacks against a Jewish supermarket and the #CharlieHebdo newspaper that left a total of 17 dead, the #trial of 14 suspected accomplices of the perpetrators of the massacres takes place Tuesday in #Paris.

Testimony has already been given.

It is deeply distressing.

The widow of a victim of the anti-Semitic killings at the Hyper Cacher supermarket was amongst those who gave an account of their traumatic experiences.

A survivor, Zarie Sibony, a cashier at the Kosher shop pleaded and offered the butcher money. She was told by one of the killers, Amedy Coulibaly, that “Vous êtes les deux choses que je déteste le plus au monde : vous êtes juifs et français’.” You are the two things I loathe most in the world, Jewish and French.”


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Restiamo Umani

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Mi piacciono le persone che abbracciano con lo sguardo.

Quelle che, senza dire nulla e quando tutt’intorno c’è silenzio, sono capaci di accompagnare i nostri momenti più duri.

Quelle persone che, con il semplice luccichio del loro sguardo, trasmettono un’infinità di emozioni che ci aiutano a raccogliere i cocci.

Senza forzature, senza voler impressionare, ma con l’unico desiderio di starci accanto.

Persone affettuose, magiche, con un grande cuore, tanto grande da non riuscire a restare nel petto.

Esperte nel seminare calma e nell’aiutare a volare, pronte a brillare e a contagiare tutti con la loro luce.

Amiche della bontà e della speranza, ma soprattutto dell’amore verso gli altri.

Le persone che abbracciano con lo sguardo non sono solo incantevoli, sono da ammirare.

Sono un esempio da seguire e un tesoro da custodire.

E vorrei che fossero sempre più numerose. Per tutti.

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“Non dite di non volerne più sapere” Lettera agli amici

Piccola Biblioteca Partigiana


*Giacomo Ulivi (Parma, 29 ottobre 1925 – Modena, 10 novembre 1944), antifascista, partigiano fucilato dai fascisti a soli 19 anni

“Cari Amici,

Vi vorrei confessare innanzi tutto, che tre volte ho strappato e scritto questa lettera. L’avevo iniziata con uno sguardo in giro, con un sincero rimpianto per le rovine che ci circondano, ma, nel passare da questo argomento di cui desidero parlarvi, temevo di apparire “falso”, di inzuccherare con un patetico preambolo una pillola propagandistica. E questa parola temo come un’offesa immeritata: non si tratta di propaganda ma di un esame che vorrei fare con voi. Invece dobbiamo guardare ed esaminare insieme: che cosa? Noi stessi. Per abituarci a vedere in noi la parte di responsabilità che abbiamo dei nostri mali. Per riconoscere quanto da parte nostra si è fatto, per giungere ove siamo giunti. Non voglio sembrarvi un Savonarola che richiami il flagello. Vorrei che…

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‘Heidegger and the Jews: The Black Notebooks‘ by Donatella Di Cesare


Published by Polity in 2018.

(.pdf, .epub)

Philosophers have long struggled to reconcile Martin Heidegger’s involvement in Nazism with his status as one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century. The recent publication of hisBlack Notebookshas reignited fierce debate on the subject. These thousand-odd pages of jotted observations profoundly challenge our image of the quiet philosopher’s exile in the Black Forest, revealing the shocking extent of his anti-Semitism for the first time.

For much of the philosophical community, theBlack Notebookshave been either used to discredit Heidegger or seen as a bibliographical detail irrelevant to his thought. Yet, in this new book, renowned philosopher Donatella Di Cesare argues that Heidegger’s “metaphysical anti-Semitism” was a central part of his philosophical project. Within the context of the Nuremberg race laws, Heidegger felt compelled to define Jewishness and its relationship to his concept of Being. Di…

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True Justice Needed

Peace cannot be demanded if justice and equality are not at the root of everything.

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Recently, there have been several instances of unarmed young black men being shot and killed by police in the course of their duties. This has continued a more long-term trend of perceived inequality in the treatment meted out in our justice system based on race. The trend includes a very easily recognized failure to bring to justice members of the police officers responsible for the shootings and other actions resulting in the deaths of unarmed suspects.

The shooting in Ferguson, MO, last summer of Michael Brown and the killing of Eric Garner in New York are but two of the more recent incidents in which Police officers caused the deaths of unarmed people of color suspected of committing minor offenses. Their deaths caused protests at the time which were subsequently exacerbated by paramilitary police reaction to peaceful protests Situations were later made worse by exoneration of the officers responsible by…

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Grand Theft Corruption

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President Donald J. Trump appears in many respects to be a man bound and determined to make a personal fortune through conduct while in office that strains all traditional norms regarding conflicts of interest, bribery and emoluments regarding the use of taxpayer dollars to steer tremendous amounts of money – both foreign and domestic – to businesses owned by himself and his family. Apparently, our Commander-in-Chief feels that he must drain the swamp that he sees as dominating American national politics of all corruption at every level of government except his own and his family and confidants. His middle name may be John, but Hypocrite would be a more apt description of his character.

Between his excursions to Mar-a-Lago (and other Trump-owned businesses) for golf and relaxation, which entails taxpayer money to be pumped into Trump properties to accommodate him as well as his large security detail,  and the booking…

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Spain Passes New Laws Against Glorification of Fascist Franco

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This is another excellent piece of news I found in Wednesday’s issue of the I, for 16th September 2020. It reports that the Spanish government has passed a historic law banning the glorification of General Franco, the country’s Fascist dictator, and granting reparations to his victims. The article reads

Spain has passed a law to give reparations to the victims of the late dictator General Francisco Franco.

The Democratic Memory Law will ban the foundation which guards the memory of the dictator and fine those who glorify Franco up to 150,000 euros (£138,000).

The mausoleum where Franco’s body lay for more than four decades will also be transformed into a civilian cemetery as part of other changes. School children will be taught about the law.

This is the same law that an earlier article in that same day’s edition reported offers Spanish citizenship to the descendants of Brits who…

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Molto rumore per nulla — BAOBAB EXPERIENCE

Maggioranza di governo spaccata, opposizioni in preda a deliri rabbiosi, estenuanti giornate di trattativa e negoziazione, le lacrime della Ministra Bellanova: “Da oggi gli invisibili saranno meno invisibili. Da oggi vince lo Stato perché è più forte della criminalità e del caporalato”. Difficile e alquanto ipocrita parlare di “invisibili” quando le condizioni di semi-schiavitù e […]Molto … Continua a leggere Molto rumore per nulla — BAOBAB EXPERIENCE

GIORNATA DEL PAESAGGIO 2020 — Ambiente Sul Web

Domani ricorre la Giornata del Paesaggio, organizzata dal FAI, Fondo Ambiente Italiano, del quale sono un acceso sostenitore. L’evento si sarebbe dovuto tenere a marzo, ma è stato tutto rinviato per via del covid. Per domani il FAI invita a guardarsi attorno con attenzione, a far spaziare lo sguardo e ad apprezzare con maggiore consapevolezza […]GIORNATA … Continua a leggere GIORNATA DEL PAESAGGIO 2020 — Ambiente Sul Web

Playing Politics With Human Lives

Thank you, I always read your timely analysis, I’m useful to understand your nation

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Recent events and the reactions to them by our seemingly inept and totally unrepresentative Congress, as well as our President who seemingly lacks any semblance of human compassion or empathy for the conditions which ordinary people in this country and world at large face in their everyday lives are conspiring to give us a situation in Washington, DC which most of us have become extremely weary of – interminable gridlock. However, if that is the only thing keeping us from living the lives of even worse quiet desperation which would result from the enactment of the long-heralded GOP and/or Trump agenda, we may be better off having this state of flux endure awhile longer.

The mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas – textbook events which in other, more sane societies would have resulted in concrete action to lessen the opportunity for future such occurrences to take place – have…

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Henryk Grossmann – RECENSIONE DE “LA GUERRA CIVILE NEGLI STATI UNITI” DI KARL MARX E FRIEDRICH ENGELS — Circolo internazionalista “Francesco Misiano”

Traduzione dall’inglese di Rostrum (settembre 2020). Tratta da Henryk Grossman, Essays and Letters on Economic Theory, Haymarket Books (9 gennaio 2020), a cura di Rick Kuhn. Pubblichiamo la traduzione di uno scritto del 1938 dello studioso marxista Henryk Grossmann a proposito della pubblicazione negli USA degli articoli e delle lettere di Marx ed Engels sulla […]Henryk … Continua a leggere Henryk Grossmann – RECENSIONE DE “LA GUERRA CIVILE NEGLI STATI UNITI” DI KARL MARX E FRIEDRICH ENGELS — Circolo internazionalista “Francesco Misiano”

Bright Eyes – Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was (Dead Oceans, 2020) — Off Topic

https://www.youtube.com/embed/DkEd51g-p6c?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent R E C E N S I O N E Articolo di Claudia Losini Nel 2005 ascoltai per la prima volta I’m wide awake, it’s morning. Scoprii quel disco per caso, e mi innamorai della voce di Conor Oberst. Un colpo di fulmine. Non avevo mai ascoltato folk, ma quelle canzoni, tutte, a distanza … Continua a leggere Bright Eyes – Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was (Dead Oceans, 2020) — Off Topic

The un-American, traitorous U.S. President exposed

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

The breaking news that hit late yesterday shouldn’t be surprising.  We already knew that Donald Trump is pathologically narcissistic and sociopathic.  We already knew that he isn’t mentally competent enough to serve as President of the United States.  We already knew that he is ethically and intellectually unfit to fulfill the tremendous responsibilities tasked to the Command-in-Chief of the U.S. military.  But, the majority of Americans probably didn’t know that Trump is also a traitor to his own country.  If they didn’t know that, they do now.

No presidential election hinges on just one incident.  A complex mix of factors determines the outcome.  However, a single momentous event can have great impact if it ignites latent sentiments in the populace.  There are many such examples which either transpired legitimately, illegitimately, or accidentally.  Gerald Ford’s pardoning of Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech, George H. W. Bush’s…

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Paranoid Trump Blames Black Lives Matter Protests on Secret Conspiracy

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Here’s more evidence that Trump has Fascistic tendencies. A piece by Amanda Seitz in yesterday’s I for 3rd September 2020, ‘Trump uses conspiracy theory about race protests’ reported that Trump was blaming the various Black Lives Matter protests and riots on shadowy plotters. The article ran

President Donald Trump is promoting a baseless conspiracy theory to claim that recent race protests have been orchestrated by powerful people in “dark shadows” intent on undermining his re-election prospects.

The claim first took root on Facebook and Twitter earlier this year after racial justice protests swelled across the country following the deaths of Black Americans in police custody. Thousands of social media users shared posts suggesting a covert network was coordinating the protests and rioters were descending on communities across the country.

Mr Trump appeared to amplify those unfounded conspiracy theories in an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham that aired Monday…

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Sabotaging America For Fun And Profit

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The Trump Administration seems to be on its way to becoming one of the more chaotic presidential administrations in modern times – if not in all of our history. The turmoil and rapid turnover in key positions on the President’s staff, as well as his remarkable penchant for making what many see as outrageous statements on Twitter and on camera, have ensured that he remains a topic of hot discussion in the media despite the fact that he is on an alleged 17 day “vacation” and Congress is in the midst of a month long vacation referred to a recess. Heads keep rolling (figuratively speaking), new revelations keep surfacing related to the various investigations being conducted, and international relations seem to be kept in an extremely agitated state – spurred on largely by a back and forth exchange of pleasantries (please give me some license for sarcasm here) between the…

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Guns: Common Sense vs. Nonsense

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Rarely a week or even a day goes by when we do not read or see a story concerning preventable deaths caused by firearms. Acts both criminally intentional and totally accidental are committed on a regular basis. Mass murders at schools, places of worship and shopping centers vie for space in the print media and airtime on broadcast media and cable alongside serial snipers, victims of domestic violence, cop killer ambushes, murder/suicides and every imaginable form of accident involving people of all genders, age groups, religions and mental states.

Many of these deaths and injuries are needless and highly preventable. Passing common sense legislation – or at least not passing laws that any person with even a modicum of common sense will see as disasters waiting to happen – could easily reduce their occurrence. The fact that our government has been so hesitant to break this cycle of preventable death…

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Molto attuale, ho alcuni libri suoi che non rileggo da molto tempo, me lo hai fatto ri-scoprire. Grazie

voltaireNel 1765, Voltaire scrivequesto piccolo pamphlet contro l’intolleranza e la libera circolazione delle idee. Il suo obiettivoerano gli ambienti più oscurantisti della cultura francese. Per non incorrere nella censura, Voltaire crea un Oriente del tutto immaginario usandolo come una sorta di sponda contro la quale far rimbalzare il suo paradossale sarcasmo – una tecnica straniante, quella di scegliere un luogo tanto lontano da apparire improbabile, che il nostro autore aveva già messo in atto nel suo Micromegas(ambientato inizialmente su Sirio), neLa principessa di Babiloniae in altri racconti filosofici. Ora, per un corto circuito della storia, l’Oriente di Voltaire perde i suoi connotati fantastici e assume quelli di una terrificante realtà.

Voltaire,Sul terribile pericolo della lettura

Noi, Joussuf-Chéribi, per grazia di Dio muftì del Santo Impero ottomano, luce delle luci, eletto fra gli eletti, a tutti i fedeli che vedranno queste parole, idiozia e benedizione.
Visto che…

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The Waiting Game

It’s also my thoughts, sometimes I jam you, but then you start again and you put yourself in the game again, with the hope that this time it will get better. Stopping is dying.

Banter Republic

We’re all waiting for something. All things will come to the person who waits, provided they know what they’re are waiting for. My advice, never keep anyone long and don’t wait too long. Waiters and quitters have just a slight difference but a common end. Waiting for the movie to start before eating your popcorn is the hardest thing ever. Especially when it’s coated in caramel. The hardest part about making dinner is waiting for the delivery man.

Waiting is still an occupation. It is having nothing to wait for that is terrible. Waiting and hoping are the whole of life, and as soon as a dream is realized it is destroyed. Waiting is a sin against both the time that is still to come. Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. Waiting is not mere empty hoping. It has…

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Trump Must Go


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 Recent Twitter rants and campaign rallies have convinced me that this country can no longer afford the luxury (can you see the sarcasm dripping?) of having Donald Trump or anyone else who shares more than a few of his notions of how to properly lead us forward. Just as almost nobody would care to be driven by a blindfolded cabbie, the people of this country deserve more from their Commander-in-Chief than government of the few, by the few and for the few. The list of faults that make Trump unfit to serve which are widely known only pales in comparison to those which he has managed to keep hidden from us.

The most recent exhibitions of our President’s shortcomings when it comes to dealing with the myriad problems which face us on a daily basis involved a serious of tweets this past weekend attacking four first-term members of the US…

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Per fare il futuro ci vuole la scuola — Like @ Rolling Stone

Per fare il futuro ci vuole un sogno Per fare un sogno ci vuole un desiderio Per fare un desiderio ci vuole una stella Per fare una stella ci vuole la luce PER FARE IL FUTURO CI VUOLE LA LUCE. Per fare il futuro ci vuole la speranza Per fare la speranza ci vuol l’ottimismo […]Per … Continua a leggere Per fare il futuro ci vuole la scuola — Like @ Rolling Stone

Trump’s megalomania is running amok, and it will eventually destroy him

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

In what would be welcome news to many, I don’t believe Donald Trump will finish his first term as President of the United States.  The man isn’t sane, also my opinion, and the stress he’s enduring will eventually become too great for him to bear.  That stress is being caused by a deep psychological collision between external realities and Trump’s warped subjective perceptions of everything around him.  A coming day of crisis is a near mathematical certainty, in my estimation.

Trump is suffering from megalomania, which is defined as having an obsession with acquiring and exercising power, a compulsion to dominate others, and the delusion of self-importance.  Megalomania, in its political manifestations, is characterized by individuals also suffering from sociopathy, psychopathy, or even psychosis in advanced stages.  The first two of these are antisocial personality disorders.  Megalomania is also known as narcissistic…

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